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drone123's Journal

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23 October 1959
Just someone who discovered anime and later yaoi fanfiction late in life but enjoy reading it a lot. Enjoy reading stories with Ran/Aya Fujimiya as uke (Weiss Kreuz).
Besides reading stuff in the HaremHouse, also like stuff by TalithaX, PL Nunn, Nekojita, Chalcedony Cross and Jacque Koh to name a few.

While surfing for yaoi fics, I read about a TV series called Queer As Folk and managed to watch the first 3 seasons of it - which led to me being hooked on QAF B/J fanfiction. Some QAF authors that I like are Myrna, Suzvoy, besame_bj, Mclachlan, jans_intentions, gaedhal, bigboobedcanuck and etc etc etc.

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