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one and the same

I don't know if I need to tell people that I'm 'drone123' on livejournal and also '' so that they will know who is leaving comments.  Sorry, I'm really pathetic when it comes to all this stuff.

Anyway, I'm back to reading Weiss Kreuz fanfictions but only Aya 'uke' stories as he's my favorite.  Or should I say re-reading as the WK fandom seems to have dried up.

In fact, the reason I went back to WK is because the QAF fandom also seems to be slowing down.  I don't know what other fandom to start on.  I don't like Harry Potter and as much as I enjoy watching Supernatural but Sam and Dean are brothers so no way do I want to read M/M fanfics on them, ha,ha,

I also enjoy watching Merlin but as much as I find Arthur good-looking but Merlin is just NOT in my books so I can't wrap my mind around that pairing - well, maybe when I get more desperate for fics to read.

All I can hope for is that authors for the WK (Aya 'uke' please) and QAF (B/J) fandoms will suddenly get their muse back and start churning out long, chaptered fics.

first prom clip

I'm harmless... I just want to read

Hi to all authors of fanfiction out there who prefer to 'friend' only people with active journals. 
I just want to say that there are people out there like me who have no intention of taking your wonderful fics and doing god-knows-what with them - we're just avid fanfiction readers who enjoy reading other people's fanfics but aren't writers themselves. 
In fact, a lot of times when I'm reading a really well-written and thought-out fanfic, I'm always wondering what this author does for a living coz it's pretty obvious her calling is for writing.  I have always praised these authors in my head and thanked my lucky stars that I found out about their fics but I must admit it was only recently that I've started commenting on fics that I've read (but I'm a slooooow reader so it might take a while) - mostly coz I'm computer illiterate and never knew how to 'write' back - but also, truth be told, I always figured someone else will comment that the fics are great and that's what I think so too so no need to add in my two cents worth. 

But now I know it's nice being told that someone out there likes their stuff so I do try to comment if I have something nice to say but I also feel embarrassed coz I don't have anything constructive to say besides just gushing about liking the fic and sounding like an ass-kisser. (yep, I work in an office where I'm the lowest on the rung and wish that all ass-kissers will get their comeuppance but get frustrated coz in real life, they don't)

Anyway, I digress, I just want to say that I'm a harmless 50 year old female who enjoy reading fanfics with happy endings for her favourite couple ... wait, wait, I do read death fics too ... but preferably with a happy, hopeful feeling like McLachlan's 'Counting Blue Cars'. 

I really hope by writing this I haven't inadvertently caused more harm than good to my chances of being friended by wary authors.